Introducing Dr Sandeep Kumar

Dr Sandeep Kumar is one of the UK’s leading Invisalign Diamond Providers and has created more than 4,000 beautiful new smiles with Invisalign in his private clinics.


  From India To Invisalign

Sandeep can only be described as a trailblazer in the world of Invisalign.

Originally from India, Sandeep came to the UK in 1999. He qualified with the GDC in 2000 and on the lookout for his next opportunity, bought his first practice in 2003.

More than 20 years later and after recognising the huge business potential Invisalign could bring, Sandeep has built his success around the clear aligner brand and has inspired and encouraged those around him to do the same.

Founder of three successful private clinic brands, the MiSmile Network and the MiSmile Academy, Sandeep also shares his thoughts and opinions with the wider industry and can often be found on stage speaking and training others on the opportunities Invisalign can harness.

Sandeep has created more
than 4,000 beautiful smiles

Sandeep is one of a handful of
Diamond Providers in the UK

Sandeep is a highly respected
speaker for Align Technology

  A conversation with...
Lee Taylor

An interview with Lee Taylor, Vice President of Marketing
EMEA, Align Technology.

  The Invisalign Growth Series

In his Invisalign Growth Series, Sandeep shares his journey, his successes, his failures and most importantly the learnings that have helped him achieve a consistent Invisalign Diamond Provider status.

Comprising of more than 90 independent dental practices, and the only GDP network endorsed by Align Technology, the MiSmile Network has successfully treated more than 20,000 patients with Invisalign.

The network programme is an affordable, 360 degree solution providing everything you need for scalable, long term growth.

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The MiSmile Academy is a new 12-week online education programme brought to you by the team behind the MiSmile Network.

The online programme delivers powerful, practical training and introduces you to easy to implement strategies designed to support your Invisalign growth.

Intakes are quarterly and available to all UK GDP’s. Find out more at

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